Gamma Rays

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Gamma Rays

Gamma rays treatment

Dental implants are manufactured under conditions of absolute cleanliness and hygiene. Analyzes conducted by external laboratories have confirmed that the level of microbial pre-sterilization is very low, if not negligible, both before and after washing. The wash cycles are effective both in the actual washing phase, completely eliminating the residues of processing oils and greases, and in the rinsing phase, removing all traces of the detergents used.

The packaging of GiEsse dental implants is carried out with a plant supported by a medical grade titanium milling device and a retentive screw.

The plastic materials used for packaging, consisting of an internal vial and an external vial, with the presence of two caps and a security seal, are free of phthalates. and compliant with current regulations, and suitable for gamma ray sterilization.

The packaging of dental implants is performed within a controlled biological and particle contamination environment (clean room).

The environmental contamination class has been determined so as to guarantee a constant and sufficiently low pre-sterilization bioburden on the product to ensure sterilization.




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