Surface treatments

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Surface treatments

GiEsse Technology

has introduced a dedicated surface treatment process called HSS (High Speed Surface) for its dental implants.

The new treatment, result of the application of a sandblasting treatment
followed by an acid etching process, it allows to obtain a roughness of the open porosity surface, particularly indicated to favor the osseointegration of the dental implant.


Superficie impianto ingrandimento 500X
Implant Surface 500X

Absence of superficial contamination

In collaboration with the University of Trieste, a morphological characterization of the surface of dental implants treated with HSS was performed.
The analyzes performed at the University of Trieste through the use of a three-dimensional profilomenter showed a roughness of the HSS surface significantly greater than that obtained with the sole sandblasting process, and equivalent to that reported in the literature for dental implants subjected to Sandblasted Large-grid and Acid-etched, SLA; in addition, the remarkable homogeneity of the treatment on the entire surface was highlighted.



Superficie impianto ingrandimento 1000X
Implant Surface 1000X

Superficie impianto ingrandimento 5000X
Implant Surface 5000X

Chemical analysis

The chemical analysis of the surface of the HSS treated plant highlights the absence of contaminating elements, and in particular of the alumina used for sandblasting (present on the surfaces only sanded), and the presence of hydrated titanium phosphate oxide, introducing through HSS treatment.

This type of oxide promotes cell adhesion by osteoblasts, with consequent increase in the quality of osseointegration.

High wettability
The HSS treatment also has a positive influence on the wettability of the implant surface. In the following images it is possible to notice the greater wettability of the surface of a HSS treated plant compared to the sandblasted surface only.
The contact angle of the cell culture serum passes from 55 ° for the sanded surface to only 38 ° for the HSS treated surface. This parameter is an index of the rate of protein absorption that will then affect cell adhesion and consequently on osseointegration.

Confronto bagnabilità tra impianto trattato HSS e impianto sabbiato


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