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Workflow Giesse Technology

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All our implants are made entirely inside the company

From construction to packaging, through surface treatments and quality control.

As regards the fitting fixture-abutment, hexagonal conical connection was tested, because this one is the most complicated to realize.
Radiographs, three-dimensional reconstructions and tomography present a high quality fit, with few and very small spaces between abutment, implant collar and screw connection, not sufficient to ensure penetration of bacterial agents.

Our implants packaging is made with a titanium medical grade mounter abutment and retaining screw or placed in a metal basket depending on the lines.

The plastic materials (latex-free,phthalate-free and free substances of animal origin free) used in the realization of the container, the tap and the blister are in accordance with regulations and it is ideal for gamma rays sterilization, preventing the alteration of the product after years.

Dental implant decontamination and packaging processes are performed in a controlled cleaning room, and it guarantees safe conditions of particle and microbiological contamination.

The cleaning room class has been determined to ensure constant and low productsterilization bioburden to confirm sterilization, which is guaranteed for 5 years.




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