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The NAVIGATOR family of Trans-esophageal Leads was developed by GI ESSE TECHNOLOGY, applying all up-front technologies usually dedicated to implantable cardiac pacing leads only.

The NAVIGATOR leads can be used in the esophagus either for cardiac stimulation or to detect spontaneous or evoked signals generated by the heart. They minimize the stimulation threshold, are less uncomfortable for patients and have standard terminations that can be connected to any EP polygraph or stimulator.

The NAVIGATOR leads are available in Bipolar, Tripolar, Quadripolar Pentapolar and Esapolar configurations. The inter-electrode distance is based on the latest results of electrophysiological research.

Several NAVIGATOR lead models are available in:

  • 7F or 8F body sizes

  • with Silicone or Polyurethane insulation

  • with massive Gold or Gold Plated Stainless Steel electrodes.

    The NAVIGATOR leads are supplied in Sterilized Packaging and are CE marked for "on brand labeling".








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